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Our Affiliates …

• BAE Systems, Inc. • Community CollegeSystem of NH • Dartmouth College
• McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center • Mount Washington Observatory • Plymouth State Univ.
• The Margret and H.A. Rey Center • UNH (NHSGC office) NH Affiliates across New Hampshire... Contact NHSGC...

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The People of New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium...

Director: Antoinette Galvin
University of New Hampshire Research Associate Professor and NH Space Grant Consortium Director Toni Galvin joined NHSGC in 1999. Her research interests include solar wind composition.

NHSGC Business Manager: Linda Tibbetts
Linda is Assistant Director of the Earth Systems Research Center at UNH's Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, and is the NHSGC business manager.

BAE Systems of N.A. Representative: Dale Rickard
Dale Rickard is a Technical Director and Engineering Fellow at BAE Systems, Space Products and Processing, Manassas, Va.

Community College of N.H Foundation: Susan Proulx
Susan Proulx is the Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer for the Community College of New Hampshire Foundation.

Dartmouth College Representative: Kristina Lynch
Dartmouth Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Kristina Lynch is an experimental physicist specializing in the plasma physics of the auroral ionosphere. She has been teaching at Dartmouth since 2002; prior to that she worked in the Univ. of NH Space Science Center.

FIRST Representative: Mark Giordono
As V.P. of Development for FIRST, Mark Giordono is our liaison to FIRST and the FIRST progression of programs (FLL, FTC, FRC).

Margret and H.A. Rey Center Representative: Monique Ackley
Monique Ackley is Director of Operations for the Margaret and H.A. Rey Center. She has been working at the Rey Center since 2014, managing the operations of the Center.

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Representative: Jeanne Gerulskis
Executive Director of the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Jeanne Gerulskis has been affiliate representative to the NH Space Grant Consortium since 1999.

Mount Washington Observatory Representative: Brian Fowler
Executive Director of the Mount Washington Observatory, Brian has been a trustee in 1972, and served as board president from 1981-1996.

Plymouth State University Representative: Samuel Miller
An Associate Professor of Meteorology at Plymouth State University, Samuel Miller also serves as Director of Research for the Judd Gregg Meteorology Institute.