Dartmouth College

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About Dartmouth

Dartmouth College offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of study including physics, astronomy, engineering (Thayer School of Eng.), life sciences (Dartmouth Med. School), and computer science.

Dartmouth faculty maintain active research programs while teaching undergraduate and graduate classes. Those research programs support graduate students and offer early research experiences to undergraduates.

Aiming to be accessible to the broadest range of students possible, admission is based upon accomplishments and talent. For that reason, Dartmouth operates on a "need-blind" admissions policy, ensuring that admissions decisions are made without regard to financial circumstances of applicants. The College guarantees that 100% of a student’s demonstrated financial need will be met for all four years of enrollment. Financial aid awards include grants, low-interest student loans, and to that end, NH Space Grant at Dartmouth has participated in funding some very promising science students

Dartmouth College NH Space Grant Scholarships

have been established as part of Dartmouth's support to outstanding students in physics, engineering, Earth sciences, and and aerospace-related fields.

Dartmouth students are also eligible for participation in NASA Summer Academies. The programs offer advanced students (junior and above) a summer residential research experience in a NASA environment.

Internships at Dartmouth

Space Grant sponsors student research internships in the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Earth Science, and Computer Science, and the Thayer School of Engineering. Space Grant offers sophomore internships to women students interested in space-related fields.

Fellowships at Dartmouth

NHSGC offers graduate fellowship support to qualified students in the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Earth Science, and Computer Science, and in the Thayer School of Engineering. Fellowships cover stipend and tuition, and are awarded for one or more academic quarters. Space Grant also supports travel grants for students and their mentors to participate in professional meetings relevant to NASA's strategic interests.

Dartmouth offers Space Grant awards for outstanding M.S. and PhD. research in NASA-related fields.

Young Scholars

Space Grant supports the development of young scholars by offering an opportunity to teach an interdisciplinary, space-related course during one academic quarter. Dartmouth, UNH, and FIRST have been collaborating in developing space and Earth science curricula for teachers-in-training.

Women in Science Project (WISP)

Women in Science at Dartmouth focuses on creating a learning environment where women can thrive in science, engineering and mathematics. This goal is achieved by enhancing experiences of Dartmouth women, particularly in their first year, through a set of proven intervention strategies that includes: mentoring, early hands-on research experience, role models, access to information, and building a community in the sciences.