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Meet the 2014-15

Joseph Jensen is a 2nd-year graduate student in Space Physics, working in Dr. Jimmy Raeder's Theoretical Plasma Physics lab. His research: "Large Localized Poynting Fluxes in the Earth's Ionosphere During Periods of Geomagnetic Calm."


Natalie Kashi is a 1st-year graduate student in the Natural Resources
and the Environment program. Her research:  Nitrogen and Phosphorus Controls on Methane (CH4) Production Across a Permafrost Thaw Gradient. Read more...


Christopher Lyon is a 4th-year Ph.D. student Chemistry, working in Dr. Erik Berda's Polymer Science Chemistry laboratory. His research: Facile Preparation of Adaptive Nanostructures


Devon O'Rourke is a 1st-year graduate student in Microbiology working in Dr. Vaughn Cooper's lab.

His research: Adaptation, mutation supply, and evolution of synergy in biofilm communities


Amanda Madden is a 4th-year Ph.D. student in Space Physics program, working in Dr. James Ryan's Neutron Imaging Lab. Her research: Advanced Statistical Methods Applied to Imaging Neutron Spectrometers


New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium
Graduate Fellowships at UNH

NHSGC annually awards about 2 fellowships for graduate study in NASA-related disciplines at UNH. NASA-related disciplines cover a broad spectrum of fields, including: space physics; astrophysics; science education; computer science; engineering; Earth, ocean, atmospheric, or life sciences, which utilize space technology and/or adopt a "planetary" view of the global environment.

Past recipients have been enrolled in degree programs in the Departments of Earth Sciences, Physics, Natural Resources, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Engineering. Application information...

Meet our New Space Grant Fellows

Meet our Past Space Grant Fellows
2014-15 NH Space Grant Fellows
Joseph Jensen, Physics    
    (advisor Joachim "Jimmy" Raeder)

Natalie Kashi, Natural Resources & the Environment
    (advisor Ruth Varner)
Christopher Lyon, Chemistry
    (advisor Eric Burda)
Amanda Madden, Physics
    (advisor James Ryan)
Devon O'Rourke, Microbiology & Genetics
    (advisor Vaughn Cooper)

2013-14 NH Space Grant Fellows
Ryan Cassotto, Earth Sytems Science
    (advisor Margaret Boettcher)
Nicholas Dowhaniuk, Natural Resources
    (advisor Joel Hartter)
Dara Feddersen, Chemistry
    (advisors Howard Mayne / Ruth Varner)

2012-13 NH Space Grant Fellows
Stephanie Coster, Natural Resourses & the Environment     (advisor Adrienne Kovach)
Camden Ertley, Physics/Space Science Center
    (advisor Mark McConnell)
Justin Williams, Nat. Resources/Earth Sys. Research Ctr.
    (advisor Barry Rock)

2011-12 NH Space Grant Fellows
Chelsea Corr, Complex Systems Research Center
    (advisor Jack Dibb)
Amy Underwood, Mechanical Engineering
    (advisor May-Win Thein)

2010-11 NH Space Grant Fellows
Benjamin Jenkins, Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Burakowski, Natural Resources (NRESS Ph.D.)
Franklin Sullivan, Natural Resources
Mimi Szeto, Natural Resources (NRESS Ph.D.)

2009-10 NH Space Grant Fellows
Allison Jaynes, Space Science Center
Samuel Meacham, Complex Systems Research Ctr.

2008-09 NH Space Grant Fellows
Monica Bobra, Space Science Center
Jennifer Hegarty, Climate Change Research Center
Bradford Larsen, Computer Science
Amanda Plagge, Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory
Marla Striped Face-Collins, Complex Sys. Res. Ctr.

2007-08 NH Space Grant Fellows
Michael Borelli, Mechanical Engineering
Tricia McCarthy, Complex Systems Research Ctr.
Brent Sadler, Space Science Center

2006-07 NH Space Grant Fellows
Sarah Jones, Space Science Center
Richard MacLean, Complex Systems Research Ctr.
Will Kessler, Complex Systems Research Ctr.

2005-06 NH Space Grant Fellows
Gerald Hornok, Climate Change Research Center
Oliver Olson, Mechanical Engineering

2004-05 NH Space Grant Fellows
Michael Adams, Mechanical Engineering
Shane Bradt, Zoology and remote sensing
Kirsten Lloyd, Complex Systems Reserch Ctr.
Kristin Simunac, Space Science Center

2003-04 NH Space Grant Fellows
Lorna Ellis, Space Science Center
Ryan Huntley, Complex Systems Research Center
Peter Ingraham, Complex Systems Research Ctr.
Daniel Seaton, Space Science Center

2002-03 NH Space Grant Fellows
Katharine Reeves, Space Science Center
Susan Campbell, Natural Resources
Ned Eldredge, Complex Systems Research Center
Carolyn Girod, Complex Systems Research Center

2001-02 NH Space Grant Fellows
Jeanne Anderson, Complex Systems Research Ctr.
Mickel A. McClish, Space Science Center
Brogan Morton, Mechanical Engineering
Peter S. Tardie, Natural Resources