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UNH Student Programs

Space Grant Programs at UNH include fellowship awards to graduate students in science, engineering, and science education, as well as support for undergraduate research in these fields provided through the UNH Undergraduate Research Awards (URA).

UNH Students have participated in NASA Summer Academies at NASA Research Centers. The programs offer advanced students (junior and above) a summer residential research experience in a NASA environment.

Some of the projects NHSGC has participated in funding over the past year include:

Community Programs for K-12

The UNH Forest Watch program brings science programs to the community. Originated by the NHSGC, Forest Watch has received EPA and NSF support for curriculum and materials development.

Launch of a sounding rocket in Andenes, NorwayRocksat-XN

Rocksat-XN involved the design, fabrication and test of a low-light photometer to be flown on a sounding rocket. The purpose of the photometer instrument is to measure NOx levels in the thermosphere. Launch of the sounding rocket took place at the Andoya Space center in Andenes Norway. Three undergraduates, two graduate students, one postdoctoral candidate, and one UNH faculty member participated in the launch.

Lunacats: UNH robotic mining teamUNH Lunacats mining

Each year, 50 university teams design and build robots to dig in the basaltic regolith at KSC for the Robotic Mining Competition. Ten undergraduate, two graduate students, and one UNH faculty member participated.

NAVSwarm logoNavswarm

NAV ET NAVSwarm is a university-led organization working to develop experimental platforms testing Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms. Thirteen undergraduates and one UNH faculty member traveled to GSFC to participate in technology demonstrations.

UNH ballooning payloadUNH student balloon flight

Work to build a high altitude balloon payload was performed over the 2017-2018 year with a launch in July 2018. 15 elementary and high school students participated. One UNH faculty member and two undergraduate students also participated.

GIS ESRI User Conference

Five undergraduate and one graduate students attended to present posters highlighting Geospatial work done at UNH. One student was offered a job at ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) directly after the conference.

UNH Tech Camp

Each summer, UNH hosts multiple week-long camps for students in grades 6-12, designed to increase STEM literacy. Camps are offered as all-day camps, and overnight with on-campus housing. Over 350 middle and high school students participated, with help from 22 middle and high school teachers. Twelve UNH undergraduate and four graduate students helped run the camps.

NH Granit

The objective of the GRANIT effort is to develop a customized workflow that utilizes current image processing methodologies and data sources (including multi-temporal Landsat TM data, high resolution orthophotography, and LIDAR products), and allows for rapid production and assessment of land cover data products. Data from Landsat 5, 7, and 8 from 1992 through 2017 have been used to generate maps of landcover in central New Hampshire.